day 12 . the dining room

The Dining Room | Te Amo Too

Good morning friends, Yesterday I showed you what our living room looks like and my inspiration for it. We never had two living spaces before, so we are going to have to get a few new pieces for that room. That is not the case for a lot of other rooms in our house. Including the dining room. Our dining room furniture is actually all from Ikea. We bought the day we moved from Kentucky to South Carolina. Since we already had a truck, that wasn’t full, we made a quick stop at Ikea, because we didn’t have a dining room table and chairs and we knew we were gonna need it right away. We bought the STORNÄS Extendable Table, eight INGOLF Chairs and two BYHOLMA Chairs for the ends. I love mixing different textures. via Ikea @blackbanddesign via Instagram via Ballard Designs I do plan on giving the table a makeover. Ideally I am looking for something like this find from Miss Mustard Seed. I would start off with zinc table top following the Unexpected Elegance’s tutorial: And then I’ll write an email to Marian asking for her expert advice on using her milk paint to achieve that look on the legs! We already have the LIATORP Glass Door Cabinet in white where I keep all of my dishes. And the Flea Market Wire Ball Bin from Land of Nod where I keep the table linens. At our apartment the dining room and the living room were one big room. We […]

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day 11 . the living room

The Living Room | Te Amo Too

I can’t believe today is the day I start sharing our house with you! This is so exciting! Welcome! That’s right. You are greeted by a closet as soon as you open the front door. In reality it’s really not that awkward, just the picture I took of it! On the right of the closet is the dining room and on the left is our living room. It gets a lot of sunlight through these two windows. I have been completely inspired by this Charming Tennessee Mountain Cottage I found while browsing through Southern Living. All the pictures of it are absolutely beautiful, you should check it out. This is their loft! I would love to get a sectional for the space. Sectionals are very expensive, so to keep costs down I have been looking for one on Craigslist that I will eventually slipcover with drop cloths, using Miss Mustard Seed’s Tutorial. This is how a wing chair she slipcovered looks like: On one side of the sectional, the one close to the doorway, I will put a bronze pharmacy floor lamp that we already have and try to find a little stool like the one in the picture. I am in love with the little vase of flowers on top of it. On the other end I would like to use my sweet friend’s antique table. She gave me a green painted one right before we moved and I’ll probably start looking for a chunky lamp like the one […]

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day 10 . the setback

Day 10 . The Setback | Te Amo Too

You guys, the whole buying process is kind of stressful! I don’t think we ever had to sign so many documents in our lives (and by we I mean my husband!). You fill out so many forms and go after so many documents, and then it’s all the back and forth of I need this and that. These things make me cringe! I always think they’re gonna ask for something that we don’t have. Like it happens every single time I am trying to renew my driver’s license (it expires the same day we have to renew our visas). Our closing day was supposed to be on October 6th, but we are waiting on a document to arrive and there’s nothing we can do to expedite it! Come on IRS! We are not hiding our richness somewhere! In the mean time we remain at our “transition house”. I can’t help myself but to look at every single detail in every single house we get in. There’s always so much to see and learn! Here are a few things that I am smitten by at this house: The Molding I have to confess I’ve measured this in case I get extra confident one day and decide to tackle something like molding. The Doors Do you think they would mind if I went to Lowe’s, picked out new ones and kept these gems? Look at the door knobs! UPDATE: the document we were waiting on has arrived and we have scheduled the closing to […]

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day 9 . the day we found a house

Day 9 . The Day We Found a House | Te Amo Too

I told you a couple of posts ago that I started doing my research and saving favorite house listings pretty early on. After we did a drive by and eliminated a few houses, we talked to our realtor about the ones we were interested in and she scheduled the walk ins. Going house shopping is so much fun and surreal at the same time. It’s one of those things that I wanted so much but it always felt so far away in the future. And when it’s time, it just feels like you’re living in a dream. Just like your wedding day. And I guess finding a house is just like dating all over again. I got super emotional and blindly fell in love with all of the potential houses. As soon as we got inside each house I already started imagining our family living there and what I could do to make this the perfect place. And when my husband pointed out some things that were not in our checklist I would get really upset … until we moved to the next one and I would fall in love all over again. Thankfully we didn’t have to make a decision right then. We went back home, stopped to think about each one, the pros and cons, the checklist … Our Checklist First and foremost, must be in a very good school district. We didn’t even look at houses with crappy schools. Must have a 4th bedroom or a 2nd living […]

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My 5 Best Tips for Buying a House

My 5 Best Tips for Buying a House | Te Amo Too

At this point in life I have a lot of experience packing and moving but I am absolutely not an expert on buying a house, since we just bought our first one, and we’re still not done with the process. So I am just going to share what happened to us and I hope it helps! I would love to hear about your experiences on the comment section below. The process of buying a house starts way earlier than you would think. For us, it actually started a few years ago. We knew that we would like to buy a house in the future and we had to build up our credit. We didn’t have bad credit, we just didn’t have any because we are not from here. We applied for a credit card, used only 30% of its limit and paid it off in full every month. We also decided to buy a used car with a car loan and pay it off which we did recently. Don’t make huge purchases or move large sums of money around prior to buying a house. We were completely clueless about this one. At my husbands previous job he had to pay for a lot of expenses out of pocket and then get reimbursed and some of these purchases didn’t match our profile, so our lender did ask about them. Also, don’t get any new credit cards or make more debt. Make a checklist. This one helps emotional buyers like me and […]

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How to Find a House in a New Town

How to Find a House in a New Town | Te Amo Too

Google, Google and Google. As soon as my husband accepted the job offer in Virginia I started doing my research online. At first I was excited about the city which led me to google things like “what to do in Richmond”, but soon after that I wanted to be prepared for the biggest purchase of our lives: our first house. This led me to more Googling – “what I should know about Richmond”, “moving to Richmond”, “good school districts in Richmond”, basically any Richmond combination I could think of! Download the app for your phone. I tried a couple other ones but I found that the Realtor one consistently had more listings and accurate school assignment. The best way to do your search is to open the map and draw a circle around the area you’re looking for. It will give you a list of active listings in that area and you can filter through. We chose single/detached homes, with at least 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and the price point we were willing to pay for. After your search is filtered you should sort with the newest ones first and save the search. Start marking a few favorites, even though you’re not buying it tomorrow, that way you can study the market and see how fast good houses come and go. Ask around. The first people we met were people from my husband’s work place. We asked around to find out where everybody lives. When we first moved to […]

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10 Best Moving and Packing Tips

The 10 Best Moving and Packing Tips | Te Amo Too

I have shared my packing story. There are a few things I would do the same and many things I would do differently. So here are the 10 Best Moving and Packing Tips for ya’ No large boxes. Get small boxes. Only use large boxes if the items won’t fit in small or medium ones. Large boxes become too heavy too quickly and are a huge hassle to carry. It can lead to injuries, even if you’re not loading the truck yourself. If the box is too heavy for you to move around, chances are they are heavy for everyone. They are also much more likely to get dropped or have their tape seams burst. You can move things a lot quicker with smaller boxes and it’s easier to fit them in the truck. Use good trash bags for linens, towels, pillows and clothes. When I say good trash bags I mean don’t go to Walmart and buy the cheapest store brand trash bags because they will tear (trust me)! Invest a couple more dollars on stronger, flexible, ones. If you don’t want to invest in wardrobe boxes – the ones that have a bar for hanging clothes – you can make a hole on the bottom of a trash bag and cover hanging clothes like a garment bag. I did approximately 20 hangers for each 50 gallon bag. Don’t leave empty spaces in the boxes or in the truck. You want to make sure things are secure and won’t break due to banging against each other. Fill […]

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day 5 . the day we started packing (part 2)

Day 5 . The Day We Started Packing | Write 31 Days | Te Amo Too

The Plan: Pack one room a day, leaving enough time to repair and clean the apartment before returning the keys. Be completely done on moving day and watch the movers load everything in the truck while grinning because for the first time ever we actually paid people to load and unload the truck. Eat lunch on our way to Virginia. Unload the truck into the storage unit at 5:00 pm. Go out to eat and celebrate! Reality (what actually happened): Pack everything that can fit in a box. Not enough time to be organized. Pay someone an absurd amount of money to paint the whole apartment back to the original color. Thank God for having a friend that owns a cleaning company who offered to have someone clean our home and steam the carpets. Movers arrive really late and take way longer to load the truck than we expected. Did we mention we live on the second floor and there’s a mile (it feels like a mile) walk to the parking lot?! It turns out it’s a pain for everyone. Not eat lunch. Do six loads of laundry. Take six more hours of packing after the movers are gone and the truck is overfilled and still have more stuff in the apartment that needs to be carried to the car. Did we mention we live on the second floor and there’s a mile walk to the parking lot?! Decide between dying on the way to Virginia (by falling asleep at the wheel) […]

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day 4 . the day we started packing (part 1)

Day 4 . The Day We Started Packing | Write 31 Days | Te Amo Too

(and by we I mean I) My thoughts before packing: I can do this. Look at the amount of stuff all your friends have. You don’t own a third of it; You came to this country with a few suitcases. It’s not like you’ve been accumulating stuff all your life. Your childhood memories are only that: memories! No keepsakes, no family heirlooms, only a few years worth of stuff. You can do this; You have moved before. It didn’t take that long to gather all your junk and put it somewhere else. You can do this; You are such a tidy person. You know what is inside every nook and cranny in this apartment. You take trash bags to Goodwill at least once a month. You hate stuff. You can do this. Well, that was before all of this happened: Now, hold on! I had great excuses not to start packing early. All of my pre-packing thoughts + the fact that I can’t stand a messy house = my decision not to start packing. Instead I would focus on my other to-do list: End of school activities; Dance recitals; One or two birthday parties made from scratch with all the details only an insane person would do; Not saying no when your kids want to do something because you’re afraid you’re scarring them for life with the move; Not saying no when your friends want to spend time with you because you’re not going to see them that often and […]

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day 3 . miracles (free printable)

Free Miracles Printable | Te Amo Too

Ok, so in an effort to inspire you to believe in those “coincidences” I am offering a Free Printable today. It is sized 8 x 10, so you can print it and put it in a frame, or hang on the wall with some pretty washi tape. However you choose to use it, snap a picture and post it online using the hashtag #teamotoo, I would love to feature you! Click here to download your free printable. To receive the blog posts in your inbox subscribe at the top of the sidebar on your right and follow along on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Etsy. I am sharing this recipe at Serenity Now, Home Stories A to Z, Savvy Southern Style and these blogs throughout the week. See you tomorrow!

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