The Day We Moved

Day 2 . the day we moved | Te Amo Too

chloroquine phosphate uses in hindi You may or may not have ever read the About Me page. If you did you know that when my husband and I got married in 2007 we moved from Brazil to Kentucky with a few bags. Than three years later we moved from Kentucky to South Carolina with two little ones and a few extra bags. We lived in South Carolina for five years and this August we moved again, this time from South Carolina to Virginia, with three kids, a whole lot of boxes and only a few bags ;) Along the years we enjoyed and explored each little area we lived in. We absolutely adored the beautifully fenced pastures, with pretty little barns and horses galloping as if they were greeting you from the road in Kentucky. And we loved being able to be so close to the beach and enjoy amazing days on the sand, watching the kids play under the sun while listening to the sound of the waves going back and forth. It was wonderful, the friends we made were wonderful, but it was time to move.

Day 2 . the day we moved | Te Amo Too

As a family, we always pray that God will place the desires of His heart in our own hearts. As we felt like our season in Surfside Beach was ending, Paulo started looking out for new opportunities he would really enjoy taking on, in places where our family would like to be. We continued asking God to guide us and to close those doors we were not supposed to go through on His end, while we continued moving forward on our end.

We had a few opportunities to consider and in the end we were torn between Virginia and one other opportunity. While we were struggling to make a decision, I casually told God how good it would be if the word Virginia would just pop up somewhere or if someone simply mentioned Richmond. I would take it as a sign. And I kid you not, a few minutes later someone called my husband’s cell phone and because he did not have that contact saved on his phone, the word Virginia popped up on the caller ID. A couple of hours later, on our way to the airport, we were talking with the couple giving us a ride and in the middle of conversation, the husband says: “I have a friend who lives in Richmond.” (He was referring to Richmond, KY!) That seemed to be the thing we needed to tip us over!

We made the decision with a lot of peace in our hearts. All of our anxiety about having to choose and worrying about making the right decision was wiped away and on August 9th we moved.

Day 2 . the day we moved | Te Amo Too

buy Lyrica Does God speak with me?

By no means do I think there’s anything unique about us which grants us the privilege of hearing from God. Actually, I hope you know that we are ALL invited into a relationship with God. And as in all good relationships, all parties have their turn to speak.

God cares. He cares about you. He longs to have a deep, intimate relationship with you. But for this to work you will have to do your part. I encourage you to just talk to Him as a friend. He wants to talk back.

If you need a place to start, click here.

Day 2 . the day we moved | Te Amo Too

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  1. Welcome to the great state of Virginia! I’ve spent most of my life here and after many states and moves later, am so glad to call it home once again. Joining you from Write 31 Days.

  2. I love to read all your posts. You are a great woman just like your mom.
    Good luck in this new and wonderful beginning!

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