The Day We Found a House

Day 9 . The Day We Found a House | Te Amo Too

I told you a couple of posts ago that I started doing my research and saving favorite house listings pretty early on. After we did a drive by and eliminated a few houses, we talked to our realtor about the ones we were interested in and she scheduled the walk ins.

Going house shopping is so much fun and surreal at the same time. It’s one of those things that I wanted so much but it always felt so far away in the future. And when it’s time, it just feels like you’re living in a dream. Just like your wedding day.

And I guess finding a house is just like dating all over again. I got super emotional and blindly fell in love with all of the potential houses. As soon as we got inside each house I already started imagining our family living there and what I could do to make this the perfect place. And when my husband pointed out some things that were not in our checklist I would get really upset … until we moved to the next one and I would fall in love all over again. Thankfully we didn’t have to make a decision right then. We went back home, stopped to think about each one, the pros and cons, the checklist … Our Checklist

  1. First and foremost, must be in a very good school district. We didn’t even look at houses with crappy schools.
  2. Must have a 4th bedroom or a 2nd living room. We always have family and friends coming over for a visit and we would love to make our guests more comfortable. As soon as I started researching houses, I realized that it was a possibility to have both and that got me really excited.
  3. Must have 2 bathrooms. Some people might not agree with this one but I think cleaning 2 bathrooms is better than cleaning 3!
  4. Must have a backyard. Since we got married we never lived at a place with a backyard. Now that we were buying a house it was our chance to get that perfect place for our three girls to have fun and go wild outside of the house!
  5. Must be finished. No major projects. First of all because we don’ t have the money to invest in a house like that and second of all because we are scared clueless about renovations. This is our first home, so we will stick to decorating projects and others that even uncoordinated people like me can tackle!
  6. It would be nice to have an open layout with a good flow. The townhouse we lived before our apartment in Myrtle Beach was a lot smaller, but somehow we could entertain with ease. We fit 30 people in there for birthday parties, not once, but several times. I am not sure if a two stories home gives you the impression of it being bigger, or what it is, so I try to think about what it would look like having everyone over.
  7. It would be nice to have a garage. Except in this area this will cost ya’ a whole lot of money!

We were split between two options. One house was the perfect house but in the wrong location (right on a busy highway). The other one was very nice, but needed a few walls removed to get what we wanted. We were talking to my father in law when he said: “ why not try here When split between two options, the answer is probably neither“! This mother of three reacted as any teenager would when her parents disapprove of her dating a tattooed, motorcycle driving thug. “How could he say that?” Well, turns out the next weekend we were invited by a friend to an event and that led us to drive through an area that we had not been before. We had a good feeling and decided to expand our search to this new unexpected area and guess what?! We would get way more house than where we were looking at, all of them in an excellent school district. We are in!

Once again, we marked our favorites, drove by, eliminated a few and when we were going to our last house on the list we had a big surprise! The listing pictures were not great, but the description was worse. It read: conseil site rencontre gratuit Price reduced! Selling under assessment! Great House! Priced to Sell! – I mean, can you get any more desperate? What is wrong with this house? It’s been in the market for a few months now, it’s the only house we can afford in the neighborhood, it is below the tax assessment, it must be a complete nightmare of a project! à propos de son 3 Bedrooms with an unfinished 4th bedroom (some sheet rock in attic) – Unfinished bedroom. It is probably an attic that they call it a bedroom, major work, no way! Some sheet rock in attic, what does that even mean?! Unfinished game room in space of garage. Need space for a pool table? This is it! Could be great man cave – Unfinished again. No, we don’t need a pool table. I’m trying to get a home for a family of five, not a bar! And man cave? Don’t even get me started on that one. Deck. Flat rear lot. Central air and Heat Pump. Fireplace. Situated on cul-de-sac lot. Lots of space and great location. Cul-de-sac lot. How many times are you going to say cul-de-sac? That must be the only thing they have going for them.

Day 9 . The Day We Found a House | Te Amo Too

While we were driving away, a neighbor started mowing their lawn and as usual we stalked him and asked all kinds of questions. He was really nice, he explained the house a lot better, talked about the neighborhood, schools, everything we needed to know. So we decided to come back for a walk in!

It’s funny how we left this house for last in our search and in the morning it was one of the first houses our realtor decided to take us. As soon as we got in, I just had THE feeling I hadn’t had before. The feeling that this is it! We made an offer, he accepted and the whole process begun.

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