UPDATE . Vacuum Cleaner Dilemma

Vacuum Cleaner Dilemma | Te Amo Too

This is the post you all have been waiting for: the update on my vacuum cleaner dilemma!

I know … very important right?! not!

So which one did I choose? Well, I did a lot of research into the vacuum brands and looked on sites like https://10bestcarpetcleaners.com/Shark-nv750-vs-nv752 to find the option that would work best for me… I wasn’t about to be stuck with a vacuum that was too bulky or broke after just a year.

The answer is: The Shark Navigator Lift Away.


I bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond and used my 20% off coupon. It came to a total of 172.79 dollars. So not that expensive – like a Dyson – but under 180.00 dollars like I wanted. Barely!


It is not the lightest vacuum on Earth, but it’s definitely lighter than the ginormous Bissell we had. It’s fairly easy to steer it but it can be a little heavy when carrying around on Lift Away mode.

First Impression

The packaging in itself is very entertaining. If you read all the superlatives they use while describing the product you would think you’re buying an advanced machine from NASA. As soon as I opened it I felt like it is well constructed and firm. It will hopefully last a long time.

We have been using a stick vacuum for a few months. They are great for a quick clean up, but they don’t have a lot of suction power. So I don’t know if it was the fact that our former vacuum was spilling dirt everywhere and the stick vacuum was not doing a good job, but after the first time I used the Shark Vacuum Cleaner I was utterly impressed with the amount of dust and dirt it picked up.

Shark Vacuum Cleaner | Te Amo Too

Shark Vacuum Cleaner | Te Amo Too

These pictures were taken after vacuuming the whole apartment (about 1300 sq ft). I know it went over the Max Fill Line but I really wanted to see how much dirt it would pull out on the very first time!

Shark Vacuum Cleaner | Te Amo Too

Impressive! Specially because it is not that kind of fluffy dirt. It was really heavy.

Do you wanna know how heavy?

Shark Vacuum Cleaner | Te Amo Too
That’s right. I weighted my dirt and watermarked it! Don’t we all do that?!

Half a pound heavy!

I also tested the Lift Away function and carried it around with the Bare Floor attachment. There is definitely a learning curve. I don’t know if I’m quite used to it, but it cleaned well.

Shark Vacuum Cleaner | Te Amo Too


After a month of using it, I feel like it is well worth the money. I have never used a vacuum that is this good. I like all the attachments that come with it and I feel like I can get used to the Lift Away function. We’ll see after a year!

PS.: we are a very filthy family apparently!

This is not a sponsored post, but if EuroPro wants to pay for my vacuum cleaner, I’ll take it :)

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