A Little Pink Nursery

buy gabapentin otc Sofia was born during the first winter storm in 2010. It was a cold weekend in Lexington, Kentucky. Roads were covered in ice, hospitals were full of people sick with the flu, making it really difficult for family and friends to visit us and meet the new baby. That meant a very excited two year old would have to wait a few more days to get to know her little sister.

recherche femme pour femme A couple of days later we brought the newest member of our family home. As soon as we opened the door, Carolina looked at the tiny hands and feet bundled up in all of those blankets, and instantly forgot about the days mommy and daddy were gone. Overtaken by joy, she exclaimed in her sweetest, kindest voice: “MY baby”.

Vérifiez ça Girls Shared Pink Nursery from Te Amo Too

They have been inseparable since. They have slept next to each other since Sofia was three months old. But this is the story of a little girls pink nursery. A room that has evolved a lot through the years. It has moved around four times and it even traveled from Kentucky to South Carolina! So come on in and take a look.

Girls Shared Pink Nursery from Te Amo Too

Seven years ago, when we found out we were having a girl, I dreamed on and on about her and what she would look like. Then I dreamed about what her room would look like. I hesitated going straight for pink because I thought it was so cliché. Then I told myself: I am having a girl, my first baby girl, and it is my time to go all pink! It didn’t take a lot of self-convincing.

Girls Shared Pink Nursery from Te Amo Too

I began looking around for some pink crib bedding. My options were limited, though, since the furthest place I’d drive to buy was Lexington, Kentucky, and online shopping was not an option since I didn’t trust it at the time; of course, I slightly regretted that after I found out about all the online coupons for moms that there are. I could have saved myself a fortune! Anyway, after browsing a few stores I found this set at Burlington and fell in love.


When baby number two came along we decided to have the girls share a bedroom. One of the reasons was that we really wanted them to become good friends. We never regretted that decision. Consequently, when I was expecting Sofia the only things I needed were more diapers, a crib and a bedding set to go with it. It’s amazing when you can manage to have two children of the same gender, born during the same season (I dare you!). I was looking into a new crib when I found out that the one we were using for Carolina had been recalled. We took it back to Target and they gave us a full refund. That was awesome and as a result I ended up buying two of the same crib.

Girls Shared Pink Nursery from Te Amo Too

I was also hoping to get two of the same crib bedding however it had been discontinued. Then I thought about trying to find one that would match which didn’t work out either. As I was running out of options, we were visiting family in Brasil and shopping around when I found a giraffe and a bunny crib sheet sets. They were all white and the animals coordinated really well with the animals on the bumper and quilt of the set I had. At the next store, I found this lovely padded pink knitted blanket and bought two of those.

Girls Shared Pink Nursery from Te Amo Too

When we came back from our trip I split the original crib bedding set in two. The bumper and diaper holder went to baby Sofia’s crib while the quilt and crib skirt went to Carolina’s crib converted into a toddler bed. Both of them got a new sheet set and a blanket. I also added some white and pink pillows, including one I made out of the valance that came with the crib bedding set. That was it for their sleeping arrangements.

Girls Shared Pink Nursery from Te Amo Too

Additionally, because we live in a real world and we don’t own a house with a zillion rooms, their bedroom also doubles as a playroom. Aren’t we inventive? (haha). So for that side of the room I bought a play table with roll out bins where they store most of their stuffed animals.

Girls Shared Pink Nursery from Te Amo Too

The walls received a soft coat of pink called Italian Villa by Behr. White shelves hold picture frames, stuffed animals, and a few other accents like the little love radio they enjoy listening and dancing to.

Girls Shared Pink Nursery from Te Amo Too

Also, because we believe every child should be able to draw on the walls, we gave them a little chalkboard vinyl.

Girls Shared Pink Nursery from Te Amo Too

What little girl wouldn’t like a pretty pink play kitchen? My husband was delighted to put it together all through Christmas night. FIY he has assembled all of our furniture at home. That kitchen was the single most difficult one to put together. It was definitely worth seeing her excitement Christmas morning, though.

Girls Shared Pink Nursery from Te Amo Too

Many of the items you see in the nursery are no longer available, but I’m still giving you a list of resources:

  • Crib Bedding Set from Baby Depot at Burlington.
  • Graco’s White Ashleigh 4 in 1 Convertible Crib from Walmart.
  • Crib sheet sets and blankets from Brazil.
  • Pillows are no longer available. Some are from Brazil, Target and Home Goods.
  • Rug, doll crib, lamp shade and play kitchen and toys from Target (no longer available).
  • Lowercase Wooden letters from Pottery Barn Kids.
  • Flower Mirrors from PBTeen (no longer available).
  • Nightstand from Home Goods.
  • White Play Table with Rollout Bins from Target (no longer available).
  • Chalkboard Vinyl from Company Kids (no longer available).
  • Frames are from Walmart and Hallmark (no longer available).


Sometimes these stores will have similar items if the ones you are looking for are no longer available. To see the inspiration for Carolina and Sofia’s Bedroom visit my Pinterest board.


I am planning on doing a whole home tour. If you don’t want to miss it don’t forget to follow this blog! Just type your e-mail on the top right side of the screen.

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  1. Oi Juliana, sou do time heheh. Tudo o que voce faz eh lindo e perfeito, parabens.
    P. S. sou da Fabi e do Edney;

  2. This room is absolutely precious! And, I’m sure your girls will love it for many years to come! Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded! I’m featuring you this week!!

  3. Thank you so much Juliana for linking up your beautiful pink nursery at Project Inspire{d}! What a beautiful space you’ve created for your sweethearts and I think it’s just the perfect shade of pink. Plus… the wall decor over the beds is extraordinary!

    Hope to see you again, tonight!

  4. You’ve created a very sweet and lovely room for your munchkins to share. I think the pink is pale and perfect and not tooo pink at all. Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


    1. Thank you Alison for hosting the party and stopping by to leave this sweet comment. I just started my blog this week! It’s so motivating to have you come and say something … thank you!

  5. Such a wonderful nursery. I love all the pastel colors and how you have the nursery decorated. My 4 year old is sitting next to me and mentioned that the play kitchen is pretty (of course)! My girls share a room, too but we are still in the decorating making!!

    1. Hi Zan, thank you so much for your sweet comment! I am actually working on a DIY sign to hang over the girl’s kitchen. Even if we had a bigger house I think I would still have them share a bedroom. Sisters are so much fun! I’m happy to hear that yours share a bedroom too. I’m a big fan of soft and neutral colors. It’s easy on the eyes! They make a huge mess everyday but they’ll clean up their room and out most of their toys in the closet.

    1. Wow! We were never without power for that long! I really didn’t like the weather in Kentucky. It’s cold but not cold enough to have the beautiful white fluffy snow, it’s just dirty ice without enough salt trucks to make the roads drivable! I do appreciate the weather in Myrtle Beach much better :)

    1. Hi Betsy, can I say something? I don’t know if you realized this but you were the first person, aside from family and friends, who has ever made a comment on my blog! Let’s just say someone over here was jumping up and down! Thank you so much! I’m glad you like the kitchen. I’m actually working right now on a DIY Kitchen Sign for the girls room. Come back for more!

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