The Day We Started Packing (part 1) (and by we I mean I)

My thoughts before packing:

  • I can do this. Look at the amount of stuff all your friends have. You don’t own a third of it;
  • You came to this country with a few suitcases. It’s not like you’ve been accumulating stuff all your life. Your childhood memories are only that: memories! No keepsakes, no family heirlooms, only a few years worth of stuff. You can do this;
  • You have moved before. It didn’t take that long to gather all your junk and put it somewhere else. You can do this;
  • You are such a tidy person. You know what is inside every nook and cranny in this apartment. You take trash bags to Goodwill at least once a month. You hate stuff. You can do this.

Well, that was before all of this happened:

Day 4 . The Day We Started Packing | Write 31 Days | Te Amo Too

Day 4 . The Day We Started Packing | Write 31 Days | Te Amo Too

Now, hold on!

I had great excuses not to start packing early. All of my pre-packing thoughts + the fact that I can’t stand a messy house = my decision not to start packing. Instead I would focus on my other to-do list:

  • End of school activities;
  • Dance recitals;
  • One or two birthday parties made from scratch with all the details only an insane person would do;
  • Not saying no when your kids want to do something because you’re afraid you’re scarring them for life with the move;
  • Not saying no when your friends want to spend time with you because you’re not going to see them that often and you want them to still love you and know that you care;
  • Other things I cannot remember because my brain probably erased them due to uncontrolled stress.

Naturally with only a few weeks to move my priorities were throwing two birthday parties: one for my three year old daughter (for whom I would do nothing less than what I did for the two older ones in previous years) and one for my niece’s first birthday (who doesn’t have any other family in the United States) in Asheville, and did I mention she is super cute and I love her and I wanna give her everything?!

So precisely 14 days before moving I had my van packed with three girls and all of the party supplies you can think of on my way to Asheville. Giving me 10 days to pack everything and move it into storage in Virginia. Well, everything except two bookshelves worth of books that I had packed two weeks before in my attempt to make myself feel better like I am actually doing something.

The next 10 days were hell tough. I can’t thank my friend enough for watching the girls while I filled up boxes!

robaxin without rx My thoughts while packing:

  • I can’t do this;
  • Holy S?!$, how can someone accumulate all of this stuff in 5 freaking years!
  • I can’t do this;
  • Why is everything so heavy?!
  • I can’t do this;
  • If I pack this now we won’t be able to fill in the blank anymore … so clearly this can’t go in now.
  • I just read Ibie on Instagram saying that in 48 hours she had a crew packing all of her stuff into barcoded boxes. How much does that cost? How much would I get for a kidney?
  • I can’t do this;

I cannot stress enough how I underestimated the amount of junk we actually have and how long it would take to pack everything. My experience cooking a Rachel Ray 30 Minute Meal in 120 should have been a clue! But no, in my mind 10 days would have been plenty of time.

Well, let me tell you, we did empty the 1300 sq ft apartment in 10 days. After a lot of sleepless nights, back pain, crappy meals and temper tantrums (on my part of course)!

to be continued

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