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I don’t know if this happens to you or your kids, but my daughters always seem to find coins. Everywhere. Even when they are not actively trying to find some under the couch, or inside mommy’s purse, grandparents are always around to give them some!

They would put it in little purses, in clothes, inside their play kitchen, basically anywhere they thought it was safe from each other. Eventually they would forget where they had left it and whenever they found the little piles of coins they would argue over whose it was.

We needed a solution! I was shopping at Marshalls when I spotted a shelf full of money counting jars. You can find these everywhere when it’s Christmas time. They were 5.00 dollars a piece so I grabbed two pink ones.

At home I personalized the jars with some white vinyl and my sidekick the Silhouette Cameo.

BIY money jar | Te Amo Too
1. Choose your design and cut the vinyl. Remember to select load media and vinyl cut settings. Peel away the negative space, so all that remains is your design.
BIY money jar | Te Amo Too
2. Cover the design with transfer tape.
BIY money jar | Te Amo Too
3. Place the design on your desired location and smooth it down with the scraper tool.
BIY money jar | Te Amo Too
4. Peel the transfer tape off, making sure the vinyl stays in place.

There you have it. No more playing around with money. No more arguing over whose is whose. And, as a bonus they can see how much is in the jar.

This is not only a great idea to have it at home, but it’s also a great gift idea. You can stock up on these around Christmas and give it away throughout the year. And if you don’t want to wait until then, they sell these at Belk’s for 10.00 dollars and on Amazon for 12.00 dollars. Also, another option is to buy mason jars and slotted jar lid inserts like these, and make it your own.

I hope you enjoyed another Buy It Yourself post! I am sharing this idea at Serenity NowHome Stories A to Z and these blogs throughout the week.

How do your kids handle money?

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