HOW TO . Dress Up Your Dessert or Buffet Table

i was reading this I’m so glad you came back for more. Today I am gonna show you how to fill up a dessert or buffet table at a birthday party. When I’m designing party decorations, I make sure everything coordinates smoothly. That means even though there are five different patterns being used, they are all proportionally repeated through out the party. The same goes for all of the other shapes and embellishments. The goal is to find a good balance between repetition and variety. Basically, using the same things in different ways.

Lemonade Stand - Popcorn Cone

One shape I love from the Silhouette Online Store is the cone. It is the perfect size for popcorn and many other dried goods. There are several different cone options and they are kind of a blank canvas that you can customize any way you want. In this case, I used one with a scalloped edge, filled with the green striped pattern,  added a little tag and instead of just gluing it to the cone I secured it using a tiny wooden clothespin. Texture, texture, texture.

Lemonade Stand - Crate

Another shape that is just as cute and versatile is the crate. You can dress it how ever you want and resize to fit basically anything. I cut the crate on kraft card stock and dressed it up with a green paper napkin. The little Pringles were just the right size for it. To top it off, I slipped in one of the 2 inch party circles. If you’re serving anything softer than Pringles you can actually stick the toothpick in the food. Like I did with the sandwiches, as you can see below.

Lemonade Stand - Sandwiches

Another suggestion, is adding little tags with the different flavors of chips or different kinds of sandwiches. That was my initial idea, but during the hours I was putting it all together I had to compromise and didn’t use a few things I had made in order to have more time to take pictures before everyone arrived.


One very simple thing you must have because of its big impact are custom party signs. They are that little extra detail that everybody notices and shows the effort you’ve put into the event. It’s a huge step up from store bought party supplies. You can size them to fit a 4×6 or 5×7 frame. For this birthday party I made four different signs and spread it around the four different tables. The first one reads “Happy Birthday Olivia” and the second one says “Olivia is 2”.



Also, since we are talking about details. There’s nothing cuter than personalized candy wrappers. I went to Sam’s Club and bought a huge bag of Hershey’s Nuggets and Kisses. I used all of the different patterns and shapes on the candy wrappers. I did so many we still have left overs!



I made two different kinds of “cupcakes”, one was actually a glazed lemon poppy seed muffin and the other one was a lemon loaf turned into a cupcake. Call me crazy but I’m not fond of huge amounts of icing. It even bothers me to watch other people eating it so I often opt for a “lighter” glaze. To differentiate the muffin from the cupcake I made two different wrappers and toppers.



I love using little flags on cute paper straws. If I could I would sip all my beverages using those. So, because I can’t get enough of flags I also added them to the spoons for this key lime mousse. And yes, those are baby food jars!


Now, if you’d ask me what’s my favorite party decor item I would have to say the Happy Birthday Banner. I can’t point why, I just adore banners. I made this one using kraft card stock, yellow fabric and gold foil.


For the drink labels, I designed one water label and one mason jar label. To bring more variety I used two different straws and flags.




I also served four different kinds of lemonade. And instead of using a regular food label tent, I deconstructed a bakery card and made it into large lemonade stand label. I think they turned out pretty cool, but that’s just my opinion.


Wednesday I’ll come back with a full tutorial on the party favor (here). I’ll give you two options: a cheaper and a money-is-no-object version. Guess which one I went with? A little hint: we had 40 people over!


Supplieskraft card stock paper (from Michaels) white card stock (from Amazon), white sticker paper (from Amazon), printable gold foil (from Silhouette America), yellow and green paper straws (from Target), napkins from One Stop Party Shop (sold in stores), tiny wooden clothespins from Walmart (sold in stores) and fabric from Walmart (sold in stores).

Shapes (from the Silhouette Online Store): washi tape set, conecrate, cupcake holderlabel shapes, banners, citrus scrub, echo park citrus, limes, lemon and sugar, when life gives you lemons, lemonade stand, my main squeezebakery card,

Patterns (from the Silhouette Online Store): yellow flowersherringbone yellow,confetti yellowconfetti green and green stripe.

Fontsjohn font (Silhouette Online Store), jess font (Silhouette Online Store) and english essay (free).

If you would like to see the pictures of the whole buffet, dessert, lemonade and favor table you can click here. And if you don’t want to DIY you can visit the Te Amo Too Shop on Etsy and BIY (buy it yourself). I won’t judge ;)

I am sharing all these ideas at these fabulous parties. Click and check it out!

How exciting! This post has been featured at Totally Terrific Tuesday from Live Randomly SimpleSparkles of Sunshine and Her Organized Chaos. Thank you girls!

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  1. Thank you so much for including us gals from Totally Terrific Tuesday in your post! That is so super sweet of you! I am glad you linked up because I adore your blog and this party and everything that comes with it! You are one talented decorator!
    Cant wait to see what you linked up this week!!

    1. Hey Jess, THANK YOU for the feature! Including you all on my post is the least I can do! Thank you so much for the compliments. I really don’t feel that way, but thank you! You are so sweet, with everyone … I noticed how you always leave comments on a few blogs! That is so considerate of you! Your party is so much fun, thank you for hosting :)

  2. oh, how I wish you lived near me! These are really great ideas and so very lovely. I get really overwhelmed with things like this so my parties are a little more utilitarian ;-). Thanks for sharing with us at Simple Lives Thursday; hope to see you again this week.

    1. Hi Angi, thank you for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment! It is quite overwhelming to plan a birthday party. But you are so talented, you can do it! That’s what I always tell people: if I can do it, you can do it! I really have no special skill or talent. As Hans would say: “She’s completely ordinary. In the best way!” yep .. we watch way too much Frozen around here. Thank you for hosting Simple Lives Thursday. I’ll definitely be back this week!

  3. These are all amazing ideas! They really add a personal touch to all your party items. I would have loved to attend this party! :) Thanks for sharing at Totally Terrific Tuesday!

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