HOW TO . Use Silhouette’s Heat Transfer Vinyl

How to Use Silhouette's Heat Transfer Vinyl | Te Amo Too

Warning: Heat Transfer Vinyl is very addictive. You are suddenly going to find yourself trying to control the urge of customizing every. single. piece. of fabric you own.

The possibilities are endless and there are several different colors and textures to choose from.

For this project I used this beautiful set of bags and pink smooth heat transfer.

How to Use Silhouette's Heat Transfer Vinyl | Te Amo Too

How to Use Heat Transfer Vinyl

  1. Create or choose your design.
  2. Mirror design, flipping horizontally.
  3. Select the default cut settings for the type of Heat Transfer Vinyl you are using: Flocked or Smooth.
  4. Load the material with the clear plastic backing facing down. The backing is very slippery and the machine won’t be able to get a grip on it if it is facing up. This clear plastic transfer sheet works like the transfer tape/paper used when applying adhesive vinyl onto surfaces.
  5. If your design is small enough to fit in a cutting mat, use the mat! Place heat transfer vinyl on the mat and then Load Cutting Mat. If you’re only using the vinyl without the cutting mat press Load Media.
  6. Unload and weed out the extra pieces using the hook. If it makes it easier, trim around the design using a pair of scissors. When you are done you will have the design stuck on the clear backing.
  7. Place the design on it’s permanent spot with the clear plastic backing facing up.
  8. Instead of using a tea towel or pressing cloth between your design and the iron try parchment paper, it works much better.
  9. Hold the dry iron at the highest setting on the design for 45 to 60 seconds. Apply constant pressure and don’t move the iron back and forward like you would if you were ironing clothes. This just creates bubbles and wrinkles. If your design is big, do it in sections.
  10. Once the design has transferred, let it cool and peel the backing off. If the vinyl is slightly stuck to the backing, let your project cool down for about 30 seconds, then place the cloth over the design and press the iron again for another 30 seconds or so. On cotton or polyester, 45-60 seconds should be enough, but if you’re using something else, you may need to repeat the 30 seconds cooling, 30 seconds heating process a few times before the vinyl fully sticks to your project.

Extra Tips

  • Heat transfer material is very thin and the cuts will be very fine. So even though you might not see it, it is still being cut. Remember: you don’t want to cut through the clear plastic backing.
  • I may find it easier to iron the heat transfer material after washing the fabric once.

How to Use Silhouette's Heat Transfer Vinyl | Te Amo Too

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    1. Hi Mariet, thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment! It is such a fun project. I just went to Target and they have some new and beautiful makeup bags in their dollar section, you can’t miss it!

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