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Owl Birthday Party | Te Amo Too

I think you have figured out by now what the theme was of Livi’s First Birthday Party after the huge hint I gave with the pictures from her nursery, right?! Plus, there’s the fact that the post title is “an owl birthday party” so … ding ding ding You got it! How clever of you ;) One thing I love doing when celebrating first birthdays is using pieces I already have, or plan on buying, from their rooms. I knew I wanted Olivia’s First Birthday to match the color scheme in her nursery: aqua, white, grey and black. That way I wouldn’t have to buy […]

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DIY Lemonade Stand | Te Amo Too

This is the easiest DIY in the history of DIYs. Seriously. It might be the reason why I have a whole category of projects called “if I can do it, you can Do It Yourself”! Here’s what you need: Supplies: two unfinished wood crates (from Michaels – remember to use your 40% off coupon, if you don’t have it on hand just visit retailmenot.com); two 2 in x 48 in pieces of wood (I got mine from Lowe’s); six cable ties (Dollar Tree has definitely the best price on it); kraft paper roll. Paint: heirloom lace (Olympic Paint from Lowe’s), […]

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This is the fourth post of our Lemonade Stand Party series. You can see all the pictures of the party here if you missed it. The second post is a tutorial on the invitation (here). On Monday we looked on how to dress up your dessert or buffet table (here). And today I’m gonna show you what our guests took home from the party. So what do you take home from a lemonade stand? If you guessed lemonade, you are right! I always like to have two favor options. If you are only inviting your child’s closest friends you can give each one […]

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acyclovir 400 mg purchase

I’m so glad you came back for more. Today I am gonna show you how to fill up a dessert or buffet table at a birthday party. When I’m designing party decorations, I make sure everything coordinates smoothly. That means even though there are five different patterns being used, they are all proportionally repeated through out the party. The same goes for all of the other shapes and embellishments. The goal is to find a good balance between repetition and variety. Basically, using the same things in different ways. One shape I love from the Silhouette Online Store is the cone. It […]

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buy aciclovir australia

Hi there, I am so excited to show you how I created this beautiful lemonade stand invitation from my daughter’s second birthday party (here if you missed it) with my sidekick, the Silhouette Cameo. Supplies: kraft card stock paper (from Michaels), yellow and green paper straws (from Target) and white sticker paper (from Amazon). Shapes (from the Silhouette Online Store): echo park lemonade jar, 9 tabs set, brackets and washi tape set. Patterns (from the Silhouette Online Store): yellow flowers, herringbone yellow, confetti yellow, confetti green and green stripe. Fonts: john font (Silhouette Online Store), jess font (Silhouette Online Store) and english essay (free). Using the Silhouette Studio software open up the lemonade jar shape. To remove the colors from […]

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To celebrate my daughter’s second birthday I decided to go with the Lemonade Stand theme. You can see my inspiration board here, where I got a lot of the ideas. For the color scheme I considered yellow and pink, yellow and green or different shades of yellow. But after spotting a gorgeous tablecloth at Home Goods I finally settled for yellow and green, and decided to add some kraft paper for a more rustic look. When choosing the color scheme of a party I usually start with one piece I love the most and go from there. When I’m making invitations […]

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