10 Best Moving and Packing Tips

The 10 Best Moving and Packing Tips | Te Amo Too

I have shared my packing story. There are a few things I would do the same and many things I would do differently. So here are the 10 Best Moving and Packing Tips for ya’ No large boxes. Get small boxes. Only use large boxes if the items won’t fit in small or medium ones. Large boxes become too heavy too quickly and are a huge hassle to carry. It can lead to injuries, even if you’re not loading the truck yourself. If the box is too heavy for you to move around, chances are they are heavy for everyone. They are also much […]

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Ribbon Storage and Organization

Hello my peeps, it’s that time again: time do be OCD together! And today are going to talk about the best way to store and organize your ribbon. I don’t have a big crafting space. It’s not a room. It’s not a closet. It’s an armoire! It’s definitely enough for me, but it does mean that I have to be very intentional with what I have and how I organize it. To start my little project I downloaded the 4 Ribbon Cards shape from the Silhouette Online Store. I measured the inside of my box and sized the shape to […]

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BIY . Spice Racks

This is the first post of the series Buy It Yourself. I am pretty sure there are a lot of DIY Spice Racks out there, but sometimes we just want to get things done the easy and quick way. There are so many great options of spice racks and I’ll share with you a few findings at the end of the post. Because before you start browsing for new spice storage solutions, you need to make sure you: 1. Toss – every spice that has expired or that you are not going to use again. You might have bought a spice […]

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