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I don’t know if this happens to you or your kids, but my daughters always seem to find coins. Everywhere. Even when they are not actively trying to find some under the couch, or inside mommy’s purse, grandparents are always around to give them some! They would put it in little purses, in clothes, inside their play kitchen, basically anywhere they thought it was safe from each other. Eventually they would forget where they had left it and whenever they found the little piles of coins they would argue over whose it was. We needed a solution! I was shopping at […]

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This is the first post of the series Buy It Yourself. I am pretty sure there are a lot of DIY Spice Racks out there, but sometimes we just want to get things done the easy and quick way. There are so many great options of spice racks and I’ll share with you a few findings at the end of the post. Because before you start browsing for new spice storage solutions, you need to make sure you: 1. Toss – every spice that has expired or that you are not going to use again. You might have bought a spice […]

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