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where can i buy furosemide online João Paulo. aka Paulo. His first name just is John in Portuguese but people usually have a hard time pronouncing it right! Daddy. Husband. Director of Ministries with Young People. Drum, guitar, bass (anything he wants to) player. Speaks German, Portuguese and English – with no accent (sigh). People person. Advice giver (solicited or not)! First Born. Right handed. Leader. Thinker.

Paulo | Te Amo Too

http://meaningfuldesigns.info/.bing.net/th?id=OIP.l9EZlN1O5lWfWx5wI5IIhAHaLg Carolina or Calina (according to her sisters). Eight years old. Morning person. Monday lover. Big sister. Even bigger heart. Compassionate. Sensitive. Was spotted hanging from a chandelier once.

Carolina | Te Amo Too

Sofia. Miss Funny Faces. Six years old. Sweet. Calm. Focused. Easygoing. Observes everything around her.

Sofia | Te Amo Too

Olivia. Livi. Four years old. Happy. Laughs out loud. A hugger. Loves posing for pictures and dancing with her sisters.

Olivia | Te Amo Too

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