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Hey y’all,

If this were an actual live conversation you would be staring at my face and wondering “Why in the world is she saying y’all?”

See, I have a huge accent and it’s not a southern gal accent, it’s a Brazilian speaking English accent. So, technically I am a southern gal (get it? Because I’m from Brazil! In the southern hemisphere – ok, I promise if you keep reading there will be no more corny jokes. Fingers crossed!).

But in all fairness I do love the word y’all. I don’t know if it’s because it’s so fun to say it or it’s just because there is no better way to say you in plural. But it feels natural. Just like our lives. A little mix between here and there. A little mix of Brazil and the United States. Portuguese and English.

Now don’t you worry, I am not gonna start writing in Portuguese any time soon as my husband and I haven’t been very successful with the Portuguese part of our lives. I say that because even though we speak Portuguese to our daughters at home, and would love if they were able to communicate in both languages, they won’t say one word of it. Except …

When I tell them I love you

I’ll say: “Eu te amo, filha”

And they’ll answer

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Te Amo Too is a blog where I focus my passion on home related stuff. Such as decorating, cooking, entertaining and family life. I hope this is a place where you can laugh and cry with us as we document our lives, learn from our mistakes, get inspired through projects and network with people that share similar interests.

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If you are looking for something specific you can search for it at the top of the sidebar on your right. All posts will be split into the following categories: BIY, DIY, Health and Beauty, Home Decor, Home Tour, Housekeeping, Organization, Parties, Recipes, Seasonal and Stories.

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  • if I can do it, you can DIYvery very (once again) very easy DIY projects. No special talent required. I am not an artistic person (as in I draw stick people), or a coordinated person (as in I loose WII bowling) or a musical person (as in I get weird looks from people when attempting to sing at church). Thus the name!
  • BIY (aka buy it yourself)I understand DIY projects are increasingly popular. But some people (me) would rather buy one thing at a store than going out and buying a list of a thousand supplies to then find the time to do it … and clean up (as I said, I’m uncoordinated, therefore messy). DIY can be so overrated. Some things are just better, prettier and cheaper if you just buy them! That’s it, I said it! Can we still be friends?
  • healthy living: simple things you can start doing or making to improve your quality of life;
  • recipes we really enjoy and are worth sharing;
  • parties;
  • organization;


  1. Oh gosh that is an adorable story! Te amo too. I love the name behind your blog :). I hope to speak French to my kids in the next couple years too, but I’m sure it will be an even bigger challenge since my husband only speaks a word or two…

    Looking forward to reading more as you continue blogging!

    1. Hi Lauren, I am so glad you took the time to read the story! I am so sorry it took me forever to reply to your comment, my family and I have been transitioning from South Carolina to Virginia and it took so much time and energy to do the move that I had to take a break from blogging, but I do plan to continue with it! I hope we can both be more successful at teaching our kids a second language! Hope to hear from you again, Juliana.

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