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  1. Hi Amy, thank you so much for your concern and for the couple of comments you left. You are my first “concerned” reader hehehe I am so sorry it took me forever to reply to your comment, my family and I have been transitioning from South Carolina to Virginia and it took so much time and energy to do the move that I had to take a break from blogging, but I do plan to continue with it! I have been posting pictures on Instagram if you would like to follow along! I hope to hear from you soon, Juliana.

    1. I have been following you along on instagram and from that knew you had moved. I know how hard and stressful that can be! I actually am originally from SC (Charleston) with family still there (in Charleston, Surfside Beach, Beaufort, and Lexington/Columbia). Best of luck as you get settled in and I look forward to future blogs!

        1. I now live in a small town in northeast Georgia, about an hour north of Athens, GA. It’s the town my husband is originally from. He moved to Charleston for college and that’s how we met. We moved to back here after we got married. It’s hard to go from the beach and Palmetto/palm trees to GA mountains and pines!

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