DIY . Laundry Detergent

DIY Landry Detergent with Free Printable | Te Amo Too

A life without toxicity is probably not something we could all achieve. But we all know how extremely important it is to reduce our exposure to toxins. They enter our bodies and corrode it from inside, damaging our systems, and preventing our bodies to self heal and correct. Regardless of wether we notice it or not, toxins can still hurt us. Reducing exposure today is the first step to building health for tomorrow. We are susceptible to toxins from many areas that are outside of our control. So we need to do the best we can at what we can control, like the detergent […]

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Tissue Decorations in the Bedroom

Aqua and Gray Nursery | Te Amo Too

I hope you all liked the progress pictures of the Tree Wall Decal on my little girl’s Aqua Nursery. Today I want to show you the progress pictures of the tissue decorations I hung over her crib. After the 8 hours I spent to finish that wall, hanging the tissue decorations was the easiest thing! I bought a pack of those small white hooks, screwed them on the ceiling and used fishing line to hang the decorations. I fell in love with the bedroom Ashley from Under the Sycamore created for her little girl, and the same way she was inspired […]

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DIY . Summer Snowball Fight

DIY Summer Snowball Fight | Te Amo Too

I have so much fun planning birthday parties, thinking of every single detail, designing every decoration, assembling all of the little projects and even though the list goes on and on, a beautiful looking party is not necessarily a fun party. What really matters is that our children feel loved and celebrated in the midst of family and friends. So don’t overlook planning little party activities that you feel your child would enjoy. To keep up with the Owl theme of my daughter’s first birthday party, I put together a Wise Owl Corner, a Night Owl Corner and a Winter Owl Corner […]

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BIY . Wall Decals

30 Gorgeous Wall Decals | Te Amo Too

One of my absolute favorite elements about Olivia’s Nursery is the Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree Decal from Leo Little Lion. It was the first wall decal I ever bought, I’m glad I started small ;) I am not gonna lie. It took me hours to put this thing together! It wasn’t hard, the diagram was pretty easy to follow, but because I’m such a perfectionist I paid way too much attention to where every leaf and flower was going. A little unnecessary, but I love how it turned out and it’s not something I am going to have to mess with […]

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