DIY . All Purpose Cleaner

DIY All Purpose Cleaner | Te Amo Too

Commercial cleaning products are some of the most toxic products we can find in our homes. Some of us can tell by the way our bodies responds to it, through a skin or respiratory irritation, watery eyes, chemical burns, and sudden headaches. But unfortunately, not everyone has an immediate reaction. Some people may never know how bad it is being exposed to these chemicals until they develop chronic, or long term, side effects later in life. You can only imagine how bad it would be to ingest any of the regular store bought cleaning products, as it happens so many times, specially with […]

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We’re Sick

Never Be Sick | Te Amo Too

We’re sick! And I don’t mean the “we’re really cool” kind of sick, just the plain old boring sick. We feel extremely tired, stressed out,  just stuck in a brain fog, having to deal with frequent headaches, indigestion, insomnia and several other “little” and “routine” problems that no over-the-counter or prescription medication seems to get a grip on. We are all suffering from unhealthy lifestyles. Not only because of our own choices, but the choices that were made even before we were born. Just look around. The rates of cancer, auto-immune diseases, obesity, allergies, and depression are skyrocketing, breaking new records year after […]

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A Little Pink Nursery

Sofia was born during the first winter storm in 2010. It was a cold weekend in Lexington, Kentucky. Roads were covered in ice, hospitals were full of people sick with the flu, making it really difficult for family and friends to visit us and meet the new baby. That meant a very excited two year old would have to wait a few more days to get to know her little sister. A couple of days later we brought the newest member of our family home. As soon as we opened the door, Carolina looked at the tiny hands and feet bundled up […]

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